Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts Can Help Monitor Your Account!


Alerts Available


Account Alerts

  • Account Balance
  • Check # Processed
  • Deposit of $ Processed
  • Starting Balance is above $
  • Starting Balance is below minimum
  • Transfer Failed
  • Transfer Processed


Debit Card Alerts

  • Card Status Changed
  • Card Transaction at or above $
  • Card Transaction Declined
  • Transaction Monitoring - Card not Present
  • Transaction Monitoring - International Transaction
  • Transaction Monitoring - Out of State Transaction
  • Transaction Monitoring - Suspicious Activity


Bill Payment Alerts

  • Automatic Payment Notice
  • Bill Payment Account Notice
  • Payee Added or Changed
  • Payment Failed or Overdrew Account
  • Payment Processed
  • Payment Reminder


Service Alerts

  • Contact Information Changed
  • New Statement Available
  • Password Changed
  • User ID Changed
  • User ID Disabled

To Set Up a Custom Alert

  • Log into your Online Banking Account
  • Go to Customer Service Tab
  • Under Contact Options, click Manage Alerts
  • Choose the Alerts for each account that best suit your needs


You can set up a number of alerts and decide how often you receive them and where. 

Choose either your primary email address or via text message.


Important Legal Disclosures and Important Information
1.  When you choose to receive text message alerts, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.  Standard text message and other rates may apply.  See your carrier for details.  Send STOP to 20736 to end.
2.  Only card transactions made from the primary account for your Debit card cause these alerts to be sent.