Business Check Card

The Card That Works As Hard As You Do.


The First Nations Bank Business Check Card allows you to make purchases with the convenience of a VISA® Card using the funds in your business checking account. You gain financial flexibility and simplify your accounting process when you use a business debit card to withdraw funds and to make business purchases. This card carries the VISA® Logo, so you can use it anywhere VISA® Debit cards are accepted.


Fast and Easy

A business debit card works just like your checkbook. Each time you make a purchase, the amount of your purchase is deducted from your account.

Accepted out of Town

No matter where your business takes you, you don’t have to worry about getting an out-of-town check cashed. Simply use your Business Check Card at hotels, restaurants, office supply stores and even gas stations.

Record Keeping

There are no interest charges, no late fees and better yet no bill received at the end of the month. You can easily track your business expenses and file them for future reference.

24-hour ATM Access

This card can be used at any ATM, just like an ATM card. You can withdraw funds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


To report a lost or stolen Business Check Card call 1-800-236-2442.